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April 25,2013 • admin

Elizabeth Olsen holds hands with boyfriend actor Boyd Holbrook while out in the SoHo neighborhood in New York City on Friday afternoon, April 19th. The former Very Good Girls co-stars picked up some goodies from a local market before heading on their way.

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April 25,2013 • admin

Elizabeth Olsen made her appearance at the 19th Annual City Harvest An Evening of Practical Magic where she rocked a black ruffled crop top from the Chloé Spring 2013 collection, a matching A-line skirt  and carried a Chloé ‘Bella’ clutch to the charity event in NYC on April 16.

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The 24-year-old actress attended to honor Chef Marc Murphy and supporters who have played a significant role in helping to fight hunger in the city.

April 24,2013 • admin

The giant lizard will be co-starring in the new Godzilla movie with human actors Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, and Juliette Binoche who have now been confirmed by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures as starring in the big-budget action film. The cast will also include David Strathairn and Bryan Cranston.

The studios made the official announcement today concerning the actors set for key roles. They also announced principal photography is now taking place in Vancouver. Monsters director Gareth Edwards is at the helm of Godzilla working off of a screenplay by Max Borenstein, Frank Darabont and Dave Callaham.

So, what can we expect from Godzilla? We don’t know all the plot details yet however we do know that we will be able to see Godzilla (in 3D) stomping around in theaters on May 16, 2014.

Source: movies.about.com

April 24,2013 • admin

Elizabeth Olsen’s on-trend red carpet style has often impressed the fashion pack. But the actress has revealed it is thanks to no natural flair of her own.

The 23-year-old admitted she was forced to seek the services of Cher Coulter, a celebrity stylist, in order to keep up with the fashionable Hollywood starlets that surround her. The younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘There’s no way you can figure it all out, especially when you are working on films. You literally have to use a stylist.

Whatever you wear is like a huge statement out to the world so you have to have someone help you figure it all out.

The break-out star of Martha Marcy May Marlene added that she ‘had no clue’ what to wear when she began making public appearances to help promote the film last year.

“I didn’t even like to wear dresses to begin with,” says Olsen. The attractive blonde now relies heavily on Ms Coulter who has tended to the needs of Kate Bosworth, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Sienna Miller. Each are of course widely considered fashion icons themselves. Miss Olsen said she now loves clothes thanks to the guidance of her style guru. “I have a lot of fun with her. It’s fun, like playing dress-up.”

Her self-described ‘schoolboy meets Faye Dunaway in Network’ style often blends high fashion pieces with more affordable items such as the Missoni for Target shift dress she was spotted in last year. But she admitted she shares the same expensive taste for style that her famous sisters have become known for. They are the design team behind The Row, a luxury clothing label.

The younger Olsen lists Alexander McQueen and Proenzer Schouler as her favourite designers of the moment. She has listed Marni, Celine, Isabel Marant and Chanel as preferred labels in the past. She cemented her It girl status when she was seated in the front row of Karl Lagerfeld’s 2012 haute couture show for Chanel in January. She said of the experience: ‘I’m a big fashion fan, so I really enjoyed it.’

The declaration marked how dramatically the celebrity world has influenced the actress’ own style in such a short time span. Fashion has also began to play its part in Miss Olsen’s on-screen presence. She will wear corsets and hoop skirts for her role in the forthcoming Therese Raquin, a film based on a 19th Century play.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

April 24,2013 • admin

Elizabeth Olsen has suggested that growing up as the younger sibling to famous child stars Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen was “abnormal”.

The Martha Marcy May Marlene actress opened up about her childhood in a recent interview with Asos.

I did lead a very charmed life growing up, but I was aware of the things that were abnormal. The only time I flew first-class as a kid was when my sisters did these cruises called ‘Sail With The Stars’. They were the main event… other than that, never.

Elizabeth went to reveal that she has gown very close to sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley as she’s grown older.

Mary-Kate and Ashley have celebrated my birthday with me every year since I’ve been in New York, my last four birthdays, and it’s been so special. When you have a fight with a boyfriend or a friend, or whatever, they’re here.

Last year, Elizabeth admitted that constantly being compared to Mary-Kate and Ashley has been difficult at times.

Source: Digitalspy.com

September 30,2012 • admin

Between 1996 and 1998, a Japanese manga series called Old Boy was published. Written by Garon Tsuchiya and illustrated by Nobuaki Minegishi, it remains a cult classic and has since been turned into a 2003 South Korean film of the same (contracted) name by Park Chan-wook, with an American remake by Spike Lee on its way next year.

Cast in the remake of Oldboy is Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene; more recently, Liberal Arts), and as she was in the Empire Podcast booth recently for an interview, the topic of the controversial remake naturally came up (the conversation starts at 51.47).

It’s going to be a different story, just because, one, it takes place in a non-descript city in America, and, two, it’s ten years later, so technology is different. It’s practicalities that have had to change. It’s not trying to redo the film – it’s coming at it from a different view. As well as focusing on the primary source of the Korean film, for our film there’s also the Japanese Manga, so we’re using the primary source of the illustrated novel, really.

Olsen plays Marie, a caseworker charged with investigating the past of the film’s hero. The original film itself played quite loosely with its source material, with the manga’s hero, Shinichi Gotō – a man who, after a decade in a private prison, is suddenly freed and sets out to find his captors – turned into Choi Min-sik’s somewhat different Oh Dae-su. Spike Lee, in turn, has cast Josh Brolin in the same role, which boasts the wonderful name of Joe Douchett.

I like to compare it to Let Me In and Let The Right One In. Those aren’t the exact same films, but they’re just a different take on the same story.

Let Me In, alas, was not as warmly received as the original it was based on, so hopefully Lee’s take on both the Old Boy books and the original film will fare better at the box office – and not offend too many diehard Chan-wook fans.

Lee’s Oldboy is shooting right now and is set for a 2013 release. Liberal Arts, Olsen’s current film, is out in the UK on October 5.

Source: EmpireOnline.com