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admin   /   November 27, 2013

Thanks to fashionscansremastered i’ve added high quality scans of Elizabeth in Interview Germany.



admin   /   November 27, 2013

Elizabeth Olsen is one of the stars of the new Spike Lee joint, Oldboy, and we got the chance to meet with her in the posh Conrad New York Hotel.

Elizabeth was in a good mood, stopping in to greet Spike Lee before getting ready for a long day of press. When I walked into the room for our interview, she was getting her makeup touched up and greeted me with a smile and very firm handshake. From then on, I knew she was all business.

That didn’t stop me from opening up the interview with a few fun questions regarding a very dark movie. I jokingly asked Elizabeth if she was a bit jealous costar Josh Brolin got Spike Lee’s famous dolly shot, and she didn’t even judge me for calling it “a trolly shot.”

Elizabeth gushed about Spike Lee, saying, ”He has an awesome energy, I love him. I would love to work with him again.”

The younger sister of the Olsen Twins goes on to talk about the critical reaction to the film and even opens up about the first time she watched Do The Right Thing. If you’re wondering, there are no black people on the wall at the Olsen household.

“I don’t think so, just my ancestors, but none of them are black,” she says.

Oldboy is a remake of the 2003 cult hit from Korea of the same name and it opens in theaters November 27th.


admin   /   November 26, 2013

In Chan-wook Park’s 2003 cult-classic Oldboy, the second film in his “Vegence Trilogy,” an alcoholic, absent father wakes up to find himself imprisoned in a mysterious cell. There are no explanations, no signs of who might of done this to him. His only access to the outside world is a television set and a tray of dumplings shoved through his door every day.

Earlier this year, Park made his English-language debut with the visceral Stoker. This week, Oldboy will make its English-language debut under the direction of Spike Lee. As expected, Lee’s Oldboy is a translation, rather than shot-for-shot remake of the Korean original. There are still plenty of bloody, hammer-heavy fight scenes and unpleasant plot twists, but the edges are softened: the protagonist (played byJosh Brolin) is imprisoned for 20 rather than 15 years; while in captivity, his daughter Mia, and not the promise of revenge, is his source of solace.

“I wasn’t cast right off the bat,” admits Elizabeth Olsen of her role in Lee’s film. “I read our script and then I saw the original film.” Olsen plays Marie Sebastian, a recovered drug addict-turned-nurse who pledges to help Brolin’s character find his daughter. “It was all very collaborative,” Olsen explains, “Spike immediately would ask, ‘Do you want to change this line? Do you want to change this background point of view?'” she continues. “We did rehearsals for a couple weeks and we just sat around a table—me, him, and Josh—and we just read through every scene and rewrote scenes.”

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admin   /   November 26, 2013

For the uninitiated, Spike Lee’s new remake of “Oldboy” will be an eye-opener. Based on an operatic, hyper-bleak South Korean thriller of the same name (and both, ostensibly, based on an original Japanese comic book), “Oldboy” follows the exploits of one man (Josh Brolin), who is mysteriously imprisoned for two decades and just-as-mysteriously released to try and seek retribution for his imprisonment and untangle the mystery of why he was locked away in the first place.

Aiding him on this bloody existential journey is a young woman played by Elizabeth Olsen, from the similarly twisty American independent features “Silent House” and “Martha Marcy May Marlene” (she also provided a brief role in this year’s Beat Generation drama “Kill Your Darlings”). Olsen’s character has an equally mysterious past but just might be the kind of woman who can find her own kind of peace along with Brolin.

We got a chance to chat with the vivacious Olsen about what she wanted to take from the original (hint: her octopus tattoo is a dead giveaway), whether or not she’s seen the fabled three-hour cut of the film, and about the two movies that will dominate her foreseeable future: next summer’s “Godzilla” reboot and 2015’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” Turns out, she’s super-psyched about playing a superhero in the most hotly anticipated sequel not called “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

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admin   /   November 25, 2013

Elizabeth is on the December/January cover of Interview Russia. She looks gorgeous!


admin   /   November 24, 2013

Even Elizabeth Olsen is shaken by her new film.

In her relatively brief screen career, the 24-year-old actress has made some pretty harrowing films, like “Martha Marcy May Marlene” and “Silent House.” But nothing prepared her for Spike Lee’s reimagining of the 2003 Korean thriller and cult favorite “Oldboy,” opening Wednesday.

“When I read the script, I was so freaked out and disturbed and heartbroken,” Olsen tells The News. “There’s no moral compass to the film.

“It’s just a fun ride, and it will shock you.”

Initially inspired by a Japanese manga comic book, “Oldboy” tells the bizarre, graphically violent story of a boorish businessman (Josh Brolin) who wakes up from a drunken stupor in a stark one-room prison. For 20 years, he’s held captive there. Once released, he must find out who incarcerated him and why. On his quest for vengeance, he’s assisted by a kind young medical worker (Olsen). Her connection to him will rock both of their worlds.

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