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May 14,2014 • admin

FOR an actor well known for her performances in gritty, low-budget indie films, Elizabeth Olsen was looking forward to the perks of being in her first major studio blockbuster ­­— the latest reboot of Godzilla.

“I was anticipating spending a lot of time in my big trailer and wearing a really nice, fluffy robe and getting my nails done,” Olsen, 25, says.

“Only it never happened. I got dressed there, and occasionally had my breakfast there and the rest of the day I was on set. They work you hard on these things.”

She plays Elle, a doctor whose husband (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is in the military and off saving the world from very large monsters while she stays put helping the wounded. The actor says she prepared for the role with “lots of running around New York and looking worried. No one looks at you, actually. It’s fascinating”.

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May 12,2014 • admin

Thanks to Gabby and Mari, i’ve updated the gallery with pictures from Godzilla European Premiere, that happened yesterday in London. Enjoy!

02_152.jpg 02_169.jpg 06.jpg 10.jpg


May 12,2014 • admin

Gareth Edwards and the cast of Godzilla were this morning doing a press conference in London. I’ve added to the gallery some fan pictures from the press conference, plus you can watch the whole thing bellow.

01.jpg 02.jpg 05.jpg 06.png

May 12,2014 • admin

Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson star in new movie Godzilla together and despite the pair being two incredibly hot Hollywood stars, it looks like their other halves have absolutely nothing to worry about because the actress sees Aaron as a brother. Cute!

The duo not only star in Godzilla together, but they have also joined forces for upcoming flick Avengers: Age Of Ultron, in which they play brother and sister Pietro and Wanda Maximoff.

Olsen, who has two famous siblings herself – twin stars Mary-Kate and Ashley – has said that it definitely helps that she sees Aaron as a family member off screen as well as on.

“He definitely feels like a brother. We have that playful, teasing relationship. And it is also the first time I’ve ever worked with the same actor on two projects so there is a comfort there,” the actress told the Metro.


May 12,2014 • admin

May 11,2014 • admin

Elizabeth is on the cover of this week’s The Sunday Times, where she speaks about Godzilla. Unfortunately the full interview is only avaliable for subscribers. However, i’ve added to the gallery an outtake from The Sunday Times. Incase you are subscribed to The Sunday Times you can find the full interview here. Down bellow is the sneak peak that is avaliable for non-subscribers.

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Elizabeth Olsen is nestled deep into the corner of a leather sofa, feet drawn up, arms wrapped around her knees. It is January in Manhattan, and she clings to the warmth of a polystyrene cup, blowing at the steam rising from her tea. Twenty-five years old, but with the open face of a teenager, she looks a little lost, her sofa plonked down in the middle of the cavernous space that is Stage 12 of the Chelsea Piers entertainment complex.

Olsen’s 5ft 4½in frame trembles. She sucks in her sculpted cheeks. It is cold in here, and colder still outside, where a thick grey sky smudges the edges of charcoal skyscrapers, giving them the appearance of having been sketched. The Hudson River is a line of lead, with large blocks of ice crowding the east bank. The streets are hemmed by mounds of snow.