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April 24,2013 • admin
  • And at NYU, I went to the Atlantic Theater Company, and they have two main points. One of them is to always be active in something instead of just feeling it. And the other is figuring out your character.
  • And I think in theater, people don’t really focus on the media unless there’s a huge superstar doing a play or something.
  • And I’ve been taking acting classes since I was 7.
  • I also want to go to an Italian island and do cuisine properly with some famous Italian chef and, like, his mother.
  • Everyone is always surprised by how old I am. They think I’m older, but it’s always been that way. I’m the youngest of four – maybe you grow up quicker because you just watch the big people.
  • But I have a list of books that I want to read before I die, and whenever I get time to read something that isn’t a script, I’ll read something from that.
  • I always went to see independent films, they’re the movies I’m usually most excited to see.
  • I believe that you are only in control of so much. So whatever you are not in control of you can’t worry about.
  • I auditioned equally for film and theater. The difference is that theater has seasons, while film, it’s always happening.
  • I feel it is obvious when someone has thought too much about what they’re wearing.
  • I find acting conservatories really important. I’ve gone to four different ones, and all of them provided totally different tools for me.
  • I get way too much happiness from good food.
  • I had a great drama teacher in high school, and that’s when I started to learn about the history of theater.
  • I just need to figure out how to grow without compromising.
  • I like men-inspired outfits.
  • I never wanted anyone to think that I would use my family name to get me anywhere.
  • I really actually enjoy auditioning.
  • I never understood why anyone would do magazines. Like, why would someone put their face out there so much? It’s because those people reading magazines will go see the movie, so you do it.
  • I think a lot of films do themselves a disfavor by putting in way too much information, and everyone knows what’s gonna happen next, and no one can actually discover things as they go.
  • I think every day you try to soak up as much as you can to learn and understand things better.
  • I was embarrassed that I even wanted to become an actress because coming from L.A., with two older sisters in the business and a mom who had been a ballet dancer, it was such a cliche.
  • I would love to date a chef. I’d probably get really fat, but I don’t care.
  • [on Martha Marcy May Marlene] Sean Durkin really wrote a complex character that really hasn’t been written, and that’s challenging. It’s such a smart way of writing, you totally understand the characters and I was just completely obsessed and in love with “Martha” and the script.
  • I’m the curvy one of the family.
  • I’m terrified of improv. Improv in a show or in front of an audience sounds terrifying.

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