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December 03,2013 • admin

The trailer of In Secret, previously known as Therese, has just been released and Elizabeth looks amazing!

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TORONTO — A proto-noir from the country that gave us the term, Emile Zola‘s novel Therese Raquin offers lust and lies, murder and the bitter knowledge that the thing you want badly enough to kill for might be perfectly repulsive once it’s yours. In a showy adaptation by first-time helmer Charlie Stratton, the story is more glum than seductive — offering surprising sexual encounters, yes, but too little of the slow burn and psychological depth that might have made the Les Mis-meets-Jim Thompson concept get under one’s skin. The cast and production values ensure a certain degree of attention in theaters, but word of mouth will be middling.

Elizabeth Olsen 
plays the title character, who as a child was (shades of the film’s fellow Toronto entrant Belle) sent by a seafaring father to live with her aunt (Jessica Lange‘s Madame Raquin) after her mother’s death. Growing up in isolation with only the aunt and her sickly cousin Camille (Tom Felton) as company, she is eventually forced to marry the sweaty boy and move with the two of them to Paris.

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September 13,2013 • admin

Earlier this month it was released a clip from Elizabeth’s upcoming movie Therese. Therese first debuted on Toronto International Film Festival last weekend and is set to come out on theaters September 27.

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