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May 07,2014 • admin

Elizabeth Olsen has been engaged since March, so naturally the next question is going to be is she ready for kids?

Not so fast – the “Avengers: Age of Ultron” actress, 25, told ABC News Radio that it’s a bit too soon to start thinking of children with fiance Boyd Holbrook.

“I probably didn’t have a mother instinct until recently to tell you the truth. I wasn’t the kid growing up who loved babies,” she revealed. “I think only recently I’ve found something really beautiful and brave and modern to be a mother.”

In fact, while working on her latest movie “Godzilla,” she realized even more that she’s not there yet.

“I don’t know, working with a 4-year-old on a film you start to realize how much energy children do require and it’s something that you really want to think about when you’re ready to do it,” she said. “In this point in my life, that’s something I’m not ready to do, that’s for sure.”

Olsen added that recent interest to have children one day came from a very pragmatic place.

“I took feminism classes in college and I had a teacher who was 41 and was pregnant,” she added. “She was talking about all the politics through giving birth in New York City. That started to fascinate me and I became fascinated by birth and pregnancy and also started watching a lot of TED Talks about women in the workplace, mothers in the workplace, how much you participate in your family reflects how well you do in your job.”



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